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Happy Hearts

Author : Jevita Nilson

Illustrator: Marina Zlatanova

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

Publication Date: 10 August 2020

Happy Hearts is an original and uplifting story about a young boy’s quest to understand where his Nanna has gone after she passes away. Happy Hearts uses an exciting adventure to explore the concept of the afterlife in a sensitive and magical way, whilst touching on the range of emotions a child may experience when a loved one dies. 


Happy Hearts celebrates the unique relationship between a young boy and his Nanna, and the story is sure to transport readers to a place of joy, magic and wonder.

"This beautiful hard cover picture book made my heart sing! This loving, creative story will help grown-ups to have conversations about the death of a loved one in a child-like way. Fabulous first time picture book." - Maggie Dent, Parenting Author and Educator

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Jevita Nilson


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