• Jevita Nilson

She Won't Be Around

There’s no change, there’s no pace,

everything within it’s place

just makes it harder to believe

that she won’t be around.

- Cold Chisel “Flame Trees” -

Life carries on, the clock keeps ticking, the sun rises and sets, you are here and then you’re not.

One day I hear your voice, see your smile, touch your hand, feel your presence, and then I don’t.

The only thing that remained was your smell. On your clothes, in your house. Until one day, that went too.

I had to keep moving, putting one foot in front of the other. I had no choice, they needed me.

They did not feel the shift, the tilt of the earth when you left. Everything remained unchanged to them.

They knew you, but they knew no grief. For that I’m thankful. It would have broken their tiny hearts.

Life carries on, nothing changes, but nothing remains the same. The wind still blows, the sun still shines, the rain still falls, but you are not here to witness it.

Where are you?

How can everything be exactly the same and infinitely altered at the same time?

Those questions remain unanswered, like so many others.

All I know is that my breath still flows, my heart still beats, but yours does not. The world continues to turn, as if nothing has changed.

When everything has.

J x

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