• Jevita Nilson

Save Space

Once you know grief, it never leaves you.

Grief is not finite - it has a beginning, but it has no end.

It may come and go in waves and change in intensity, consuming you one minute, hovering quietly behind you the next.

But it is always there. It is embedded inside you.

There is no shame in saying you hold grief in your heart, for it is evidence that you loved deeply.

You do not need to get over it, or move on. Grief is now a part of you.

But grief is not who you are, it should not be how you define yourself.

You must make room in your heart, in your life, for the higher powers of love, joy, excitement, gratitude, peace.

Making room does not mean pushing grief aside or diminishing it's worth. It does not mean you've forgotten your loved one.

Making room means acknowledging the presence and the purpose of grief, and allowing it to coexist with love, joy, excitement, gratitude, peace.

These won't rid you of your grief, but they'll soften it, they'll make it bearable, and they'll pull you back into the light when grief covers you in darkness.

Save a space for grief, it serves a purpose, but make room for other things too.


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